Why HopeHack?

The idea for HopeHack was born many years ago in the mind of Dean Bardouka. As a community organizer and a skilled professional providing pro bono services to multiple non-profits and community organizations, he began to notice a challenge and a pattern.

The issue he faced both as an organizer and volunteer was maintaining the balance of wanting to help and getting people to help while you/they also satisfied basic needs (rent, food,etc.). Since much work in the non-profit space is volunteer, people help as much as they can, but it is hard to maintain–especially as you get older and have more responsibilities. Though we may all truly want to help, as life’s demands increase we simply have less resource to do so.

Dean noticed a cycle where volunteers and activists would burn out somewhere around 12-18 months. Sure, there are often new folks looking to step up, but as an organization you lose the intellectual capital and experience. In essence, you lose much of what you built and for some orgs (especially smaller ones), they never fully break out of that cycle. It also affects the volunteer because they are no longer able to do the fulfilling and meaningful work and to help others–this is where HopeHack comes in…

Rather than asking skilled professionals to work for free, HopeHack aims to offer a more sustainable model:

  1. The Organization chooses a very specific project to work on (e.g. website, mobile app, branding)
  2. Through HopeHack they build a skilled professional team of Helpers to bring that project to life
  3. The team is connected with philanthropic investors, foundations and crowd funding to back the project and team

HopeHack is a social good project of Element Five–a San Francisco based agency offering Branding/Marketing/Strategy services. Dean Bardouka is E5’s  Managing Partner.

If you are interested in joining the HopeHack Community, Request an Invite now.

Also, feel free to contact us with any feedback or suggestions–we would love to hear from you.

Dean & his daughter Maryam enjoying some San Francisco's famous Golden Boy Pizza.

Dean & his daughter Maryam enjoying some of San Francisco’s famous Golden Boy Pizza.